Engel is the founder and head facilitator of educational studies at Pranayama Sadhana. He is also co-owner of Yoga Grace yoga studio in Qualicum Beach, BC. Canada, which is centred around community outreach, with a dedication to promoting the therapeutic and transformative healing benefits of yoga to a more wider and diverse demographic.

Being a longtime student of pranayam, Engel has dedicated his entire life to its studies and is regarded as a leading authority of its original teachings. Once asked of his teacher and lineage, he replied: “Hard work. Sacrifice. Living by morals that are virtuous. Failing. Being honest and admittant. Knowing that all things gained, whether favourable or unfavourable, result from my own self-effort. And surrounding myself with the good and honest company of anyone who curiously seeks out their true nature. For name, title, and image are of little value to a person who has traded in their reputation for peace of mind.”

Living between beautiful Vancouver Island and Bali, Engel continues to promote the rishi perspective of liberation through the traditional methodology of satsang and sadhana. Being a unique teacher by todays standards, it takes only a few moments of being in his company to quickly notice his passion, his warmth, and immense curiosity for living. All of which makes personal liberation feel accessible, fun, and exciting.

From spending quality time with his partner and son, to maintaining personalized relationships with each of his students, Engel continues to be a source of inspiration and support for many people, modelling the importance and necessity for how we use our mind. Today, he continues to guide the tradition of pranayam in a positive direction, as he leads the world’s only pranayama teacher trainings around the globe.