Pranayama Sadhana is a prestige school of pranayam that promotes personal liberation at its most fundamental level. As for the educational studies that are facilitated, they all reflect the bonafide rishi culture, which Engel, founder of Pranayama Sadhana describes as being the chalice from which the inception of yoga was first drank; an epoch of genius from which the truest, most intrinsic, non-negotiable teachings of liberation derive. Nothing competes, as it is the remedy from which the long lasting disease of samsara can be cured.

Nevertheless, the educational studies presented by Pranayama Sadhana all reflect Engel’s personal lifelong experience with transformation. For over two decades, he has studied the value and effect of his own breath, which has translated into an intimate study and examination of Life, the human condition, the human experience of reality, and the respiratory development and process of infants, toddlers, children, teenagers, adults, elderly, and the departing.

At Pranayama Sadhana, we are honoured to host the worlds only pranayama teacher training program, which is organized, managed, and facilitated by Engel himself. Reflecting over two decades of personal experience, Engel has designed the curriculum of these trainings to operate over the course of twenty-eight days, as they centre around evolving the mind through the proper use and methodology of thought and action, practitioner and character development, and teaching ethics. Being largely different from contemporary trainings, our program is designed so that students are confident and successful at everything they put their mind too. Thus, our trainings are not just a course of valuable, instructive strategies for respiratory and mental development, but equally a process of learning how to strategize and decide on their life-purpose, their duties, their work ethic, and their characteristics.

Nevertheless, Pranayam Sadhana conducts its educational studies at different locations around the globe each year. Whether in person or online, it is our mission to make the original teachings of liberation and transcendence accessible to a global demographic. And by the hand of virtue, we continue to promote the practical and proper use of the mind through the original teachings of pranayam, concerning its intimate relation to the refinement and perfection of how a person respires, experiences, comprehends, and expresses themselves in the event of living.