As a school of higher education, we take great responsibility in the intelectual elevation and success of our students, by means of promoting personal-empowerment, self-initiation, personal-development, personal-transformation, and finally — personal liberation.

Of the educational studies facilitated, they all reflect Engel’s personal lifelong experience with transformation. From death, loss, suffering, constant adversity, and the resolve to rise above challenges, Engel has always redefined and made progress towards his role in being alive living Life. For over two decades he’s devoted himself to studying the value and effect of his own mind and respiratory cycle, which has translated into an intimate study and examination of Life, the human condition, the human experience of reality, and the respiratory development and process of infants, toddlers, children, teenagers, adults, elderly, and the departing.

Combining the original teachings of pranayama into an assimilable, digestible form, we are honoured to host one of the worlds most sought after pranayama teacher training programs. Whether in our trainings or online, it is our mission to make the true teachings of pranayam accessible to a global demographic. And with great care, we continue to press forward each day in sharing with all those who seek.