Pranayama Sadhana


February 1st - 28th, 2020 | Bali




Pranayama is an incredibly potent intelligence that transcends the barriers of Life as we know it. And so what pranayama teaches us is that the entirety of existence is nothing more than an effect of the mind. That Life is the substratum of all. That each person operates according to four distinct traits: breathing, perceiving, comprehending, and expressing. And that by scrutinizing these claims… by coming to realize this through the strength of your own wit… and by taking up the task of learning to optimize the operation and performance of each trait — your life, the way you live, the nature of reality, and Life in its most purest form will become known and will work in your favour. And this is exactly what this Pranayama Teacher Training program is all about. It’s about providing you with everything you need in order to become a knowledgeable practitioner and teacher of pranayama. To touch people’s lives. To offer help. To become an incredible resource to your community. Because nothing transforms a person’s life, their circumstances, and traumas faster than a properly taught breathing practice combined with inspiring discussions that educate on how to use the mind in a way that expands how a person can live their life.


TUITION | $3800

S P O T S R E M A I N I N G : 1


FEbruary 1-28TH, 2020


So if the idea of pranayama really intrigues you and you’ve been looking to expand your consciousness, your Life, and your overall understanding of breathing and how to open your mind to new ways of seeing, thinking, and living that dramatically improves your life — then this teacher training is for you. Because when you can establish greater control over how you use your mind and how you use your breath — your body, your relations, your communication, your health, your abilities, and your 24/hour day will all transform incredibly. And those days will become the weeks. Those weeks will become the months. And those months will become a powerful year. And it’s this type of knowledge and way of living that is the bonafide rishi tradition. A person that can stretch and expand their consciousness so vastly into all subjects, skills, and abilities. And so living as such, what else could a person do with their life other than teaching, educating, helping, and assisting people into the greatest versions of themselves?

CURRICULUM: This twenty-eight day training is designed in a way so that you are supported and guided as you live the lifestyle of pranayama every single day, 24/hours a day, 7 days a week, for 28 days straight, all in all rounding out into a very complete, comprehensive teacher training curriculum that totals 672 hours. Each day is specially designed so as to best help you become a responsible teacher of pranayama. To become resourceful in how you learn and develop yourself and your teachings. To become insightful and incredibly confident in yourself and your abilities. Not only as a teacher, but to also maximize your personal intelligence for improved day to day living.

With each day, there will be a very healthy balance between physical breathing practices and informative discussions and presentations on pranayama and teaching ethics and dynamics. Practicums will begin in week one and carry on all the way throughout the training so that you gain lots of firsthand teaching experience. You’ll also receive homework each day that is fun, intelligence-provoking, and experiencial, as it helps you strategize and decide on your purpose in life, your direction, and your duties, as well as on how to improve your work ethic and characteristics. All in all, our goal with each teacher training is to share the right information with you so that you can feel knowledgeable in this field, empowered to set out and begin 1-on-1’s, regular classes, and workshops, and confident in yourself as you creatively uplift your community and positively impact people’s lives by sharing the incredible power of breathing and transcendent discussions.

So, whether you plan on becoming a teacher, developing your own personal practice, becoming a mentor or life-coach, or refining your comprehensive knowledge — this teacher training program will provide you with all the tools you need in developing as a strong, self-empowered individual, educator, and/or leader, so that you can properly, safely, responsibly, and skillfully help this world, yourself, and others with confidence.



MORNING SADHANA: 9:00am - 11:00am
Every morning will begin with a two-hour breathing practice. The intention of morning sadhana is for students to experience an extended length of practice that initiates your own personal transcendance, as well as releasing pent up stress and obstructions from the body, as well as opening one’s mental channels, so that reality of Life can be better understood and can be more easily identified with.

MORNING BREAK: 11:00am - 11:30am
Morning break is a time for students to journal, integrate, eat, and relax. It is advised students bring lunches and proper hydration for the day.

Integrative discussions are one of the powerful events of each day, as the class jointly discusses how the incorporation of lifestyle protocols are going, along with social assignments, homework, and home practices, followed by an informative and clinical overview of your morning in-class sadhana.

Students will pair up and interchange between each other as they begin their 1-on-1, 1-on-2, and 1-on-3 teaching practicums. These practice teaching sessions are incredibly rewarding resources that will assist in developing your personal confidence and refining how you teach, which will not only radically affect your overall teaching abilities, but will also instil greater integrity in how you use your mind’s voice, in regards to directing and guiding yourself through your own personal home practice.

AFTERNOON SATSANG: 1:00 - 2:30pm
Afternoon satsangs are structured into an engaging and informative presentation that touches extensively and strategically on a set series of progressive topics that are based on the theme of each week. And as each day passes, the accumulated information will carry you into the next series of topics in the coming day.

AFTERNOON SADHANA: 2:30 - 3:00pm
To finish off the day, students will be led through one last 30 minute practice. These practices are designed to mimic each students home practice, but in a format that is guided. The intent of these 30 minute practices is to help assist and correct any challenges, all while revealing just how strong and rewarding a short practice can be.



In week-one, you’ll learn extensively about the fundamentals of breathing, as you evaluate & enhance the quality & capacity of your breath cycle. Through informative discussions, demonstrations, and exercises, you’ll learn how your breathing is an essential process that regulates the body and can be used to dramatically expand the mind.



In week-two, you’ll learn about the nature of ‘experience’, and how to use and enhance your perceptual abilities for greater understanding and perspective of yourself and the nature of reality. These teachings will employ you with the power to analyze yourself, people, and the world more efficiently and more precisely.



In week-three, you’ll learn how to closely examine the nature of learning and how the process of comprehension actually occurs within the mind. Through informative discussions, you’ll learn to refine and strategically enhance your capacity to personally develop and evolve your learning abilities for continued education and success in your life.



In week-four, you’ll learn about the complete and comprehensive nature of expression, how it is a constant, its residual effects, and how to refine and perfect the use of your expressive capacities, along with enhancing the work ethic of how you communicate, move, operate, engage, achieve and accomplish.


This teacher training is an incredibly transformational experience, and is open to anyone who’s willing to have fun, to open themselves up to a newness of life, and to genuinely learn and trust in the guidance that is being shared. And so on that note, it’s important to know that pranayama is transformational and that transformation is a stressful experience. Why? Well because the minds cognitive performance and the physical body can only ever grow and enhance when a stressing agent is involved. And so in this case, we’re carefully using our breathing in a very intelligent way… along with constructive, positive mindset practices to literally alter our entire composition for the better. What we’re talking about here is literal, life-enhancing transformation that is fun, personal, healthy.

And we do this by teaching you how to genuinely empower yourself, initiate yourself, personally develop yourself and your character, transforming yourself, and to liberate yourself. With that being said, with the successful completion of our teacher training program (full attendance, weekly scripture reflection/presentations, daily participation, completion of assignments, practicum classes, and homework), students will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion that represents 672 hours of introspective yogic learning. After the teacher training, students will receive a lifestyle protocol to incorporate into the everyday life, along with a 7 month series of breathing practices and scripture study. All in all, combined with the 28 day teacher training program and the extracurricular assignments assigned after the training (if adopted), the hour count will represent 5,376 hours. *We do not associate with any self-appointed and/or regulatory bodies, such as Yoga Alliance. These hours do not represent nor are they the hallmark of an educated and responsible teacher. That is something that is earned through consistent hard work and direct personal experience.


Study Material

Scripture & Training Manual


TRAINING MANUAL: Each teacher training, the manual is extensively revised in order to correctly reflect the current development of Engel’s personal studies of pranayama, so as to better serve you and expedite your process of transformation. As of this training, the manual enters its 13th revision. Being a very important part of this training, the manual describes, details, and extensively reflects the secretive, undocumented, and unspoken tradition of pranayama as presented by the bonafide rishi tradition. You will receive your training manual on the 1st day of the teacher training and will be required to cover the printing costs. (costs will be revealed by email)

TEXT BOOKS: The text book for our teacher training is a very sacred piece of scripture, which will be revealed to students upon registration. Students will receive an audiobook version of the text two months before the teacher training comenses (depending on date of registration). And a physical copy of the text on the 1st day of the training. You will be required to cover the physical text book and audiobook costs on day 1 of the training. (cost will be revealed by email)

DETAILS: It is advised that each student brings a notebook and pen for daily note-taking during lectures and discussions. All presentations and discussions will be digitally recorded and made available for study in the secret Facebook group for this specific training. Practices and practicums are prohibited from being recorded.



Payments & Scholarships



tuition | $3800 USD

S P O T S    R E M A I N I N G : 1

A non-refundable deposit of $500 USD is required to secure your spot for the training and will be credited to the remainder balance owing. As for the tuition, we currently only accept international payments through PayPal, of which registration will include PayPal’s transaction fee to your tuition. For Canadian students, we do accept direct interac e-transfer as an option.





  • If written notice of withdrawal from the teacher training is received within 10 days of registration, 100% of your payment will be refunded in full, minus the non-refundable $500 USD deposit.

  • If written notice of withdrawal from the teacher training is received 60 days prior to the teacher training start date, upon review, 100% of the tuition received will be credited towards any future training of your choice. (credit has no expiry).

  • If written notice of withdrawal from the teacher training is received 30 days or less prior to the teacher training start date, upon review, 50% of the tuition received will be credited towards any future training f your choice. (credit has no expiry).

  • In the event of a natural disaster or an extremely urgent circumstance on the schools behalf prior to or during the teacher training, 100% of the tuition received will be credited towards any future teacher training of your choice. (credit has no expiry). 



Ubud, Bali, Indonesia




FEB 1ST - 28TH, 2020

Morning Sadhana | 9:00am - 11:00pm
Afternoon Break | 11:00am - 11:30am
Sadhana Overview | 11:30am - 12:30pm
Practice Teaching | 12:30 - 1:00pm
Afternoon Satsang | 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Afternoon Sadhana | 2:30pm - 3:00pm




In regards to housing, we do not offer onsite accommodations, as we prefer students to enjoy their privacy and downtime outside of class, so that they can have their own space to integrate the days while they study and deepen into their own personal practice. However, there are beautiful villas & bungalows available in the area that are very well priced. We recommend checking out AirB&B to see what is available as well as checking out the facebook groups, Ubud, Bali - Housing & Rental and Ubud Rentals. The location of the training will be shared upon registration.



The teacher training is a 28-day intensive, so you will require a 60-day Social Tourist Visa just so you don't over-stay on your visa. You can apply for a 60-Day Social Tourist Visa at your local Indonesian Consulate where you live. When asked for your reason of travel, just mention tourism, as well as markdown tourism for reason of travel in application form.

  • Original passport valid for more than 6 (six) months beyond the intended length of stay.

  • Visa Application Form completed, dated and signed. (available at consulate.)

  • 1 passport photo dated, not older than 6 months.

  • Copy of round trip Flight Itinerary/Electronic Airline tickets to and from Indonesia.

  • Copy of recent Bank statement. $2000 balance is required for 60 day stay.

  • Visa fee $65.00 in the form of Money Order/Bank Draft only, payable to Consulate General of Indonesia


If you’d like to be picked up from the airport, our driver, Made, who is a dear friend of ours, would love to help. From the airport to Ubud, is roughly $30 and just under an hour drive. Contact us and we will put you in touch with Made.

Renting a scooter is highly recommended in Bali, if you feel comfortable driving. It’s simple and easy as riding a bike! It will give you much more freedom than taking taxis or hiring a driver. There are many scooter rental spots all over Ubud, and the average cost is between $60 - $90.



Founder + Head Facilitator


ENGEL | Founder of Pranayama Sadhana

Engel is the founder of Pranayama Sadhana and co-owner of Yoga Grace studio in Qualicum Beach, BC. Canada. Living between beautiful Qualicum Beach and Ubud Bali, Engel facilitates pranayama teacher trainings, workshops and courses worldwide on the transformative healing benefits of proper breathing and how to bring about greater happiness into our lives by learning about the nature of reality and Life through the development of our minds.

In this Teacher Training program, Engel will be personally facilitating each day, as he shares his passion and vast knowledge of pranayama in a way that makes it accessible and transformative for you. Being a fun, motivating, and knowledgeable teacher, it takes only a few moments of being in his company to quickly notice his warmth and immense curiosity for living. All of which makes the idea of personally developing ourselves feel fun, necessary and exciting!



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